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Experience the power of V-POWER HERBAL™ Tea,
the TOP-ranked natural male libido-booster !
Join thousands of satisfied users worldwide and see the difference for yourself.
Try this simple herbal tea now and enhance your sex life!

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 It works.....

What more can I say !
                         Charlie S P, Reno, USA

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This tea is the most powerful enhancer I have ever used, amazing.
   Dominic P ,BC, CANADA

My orgasms are so different since I started taking this product. Been sexually active for the past 20 years but this is the first time she has actually mentioned that she could feel the spurts inside of her. My old masturbating habits have returned too...really enjoy seeing myself shoot!!
                                            Ken C H, Florida, USA

I am 58 years old and I have been taking 'the BLUE pill' for almost four years now and I am so glad to have discovered your herbal tea . I was driving home last night and for the first time in more than 20 years I had a spontaneous erection. And I wasn't even thinking about sex. Love your product!
                                        Stan R W , N Jersey, USA

I love the feeling of walking around my house with a red-hot poker in my pyjamas. Haven't had this feeling since I was in my twenties.
J W B, Denver, USA

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The best herbal product I have ever tried. Over the past 2 years, I have tried 15 different enhancers, all pills, but nothing worked as claimed. I think I will stop searching now. Fantastic stuff – I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their sex lives.
                                         Martin J, Colorado, USA

Your product is excellent! One of the best I've seen on the market. I look forward to using it again... Lots of compliments from the women I am close to.
                                     Chris OJ , NC. United States

My ejaculations are much stronger and there is a definite increase in the volume of my loads!
I am enjoying my orgasms more than ever.

                           Jeff V , NY. United States

As an acupuncturist, herbal practitioner and
lover of the Yin qualities of the female form, I must congratulate you on a much needed and workable
herbal formula.
I gave it a thorough test last night, and I mean thorough.
It was much more effective than any other herbal that
I have ever come across.

Dan M K, Thailand

At last I have found something that I really enjoy. Not needing to use my hands to "guide me in" is a joy in itself. I love it !! In the past 2 weeks, I have tried more positions than I have in my entire 16 years of marriage.
R L McCallum, Dublin, IRELAND

Since I started taking VPOWER I have been making love every night. Used to be a once-in-a-week affair. Feel like a stud bull !

Tom Whittaker, Humberside, UNITED KINGDOM

I have been taking VPOWER herbal tea for 6 years now and all I can say is - - It rocks!
This herbal tea is out of this world! Thank you for making the biggest change in my life.

                       Bill Hemmingway, Maryland, USA 

I would like to share my rather interesting experience with you. I emptied the powder from the sachet and mixed it in my food. I didn’t feel anything immediately but the following day I had super hard-ons. I think taking it this way gives a sustained effect. Either way, it's great.

                     Barry W, York, UNITED KINGDOM

Face of sexy man with serious gaze

Your tea really works so fast. I tried taking it 3 hours before sex but I was horny in just 1 hour .
I am horny every day!! Loving your tea.

Jeremy M, Baltimore, USA

I think my blood circulation has improved since I first started taking VPOWER.
My ‘thingy’ feels so different now. I hang really well when soft and I really love that ‘plump’ feeling.
Enjoying every minute of it. Can’t help touching myself all the time.

Pete M, NY, USA


I love your tea.
My partner preferred it with sugar, but I took it neat. Must admit, it's bloody strong!
We are like a couple of gay rabbits now! And we’re not complaining!

Mike & Jeff, Ontario, CANADA


I am writing to tell you that it has been 4 days since I took my first VPOWER herbal tea and
I am still getting really strong morning erections. I love this feeling.

Greg T ,TX, USA


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When consumed as directed, VPOWER™ Herbal Tea will give you
SPONTANEOUS PENILE ERECTIONS within 15 - 60 minutes !

...Your product is excellent! One of the best I've tried on the market. I look forward to using it again... Lots of compliments from the women I am close to...                               

Chris OJ , NC. United States

When I first tried your tea I got hard in about 1 hour. There wasn't any physical contact when it happened. We were just chatting. The next hour and a half was the best sex I've had for as long as I can remember. I particularly enjoyed that feeling of getting aroused without any foreplay--and of course everything else that followed. Makes me feel young again. Great stuff, thanks!                                                               Darren C., NY, USA

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