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VPOWER™ Herbal Sex Tea

INSTANT Full & Firm Erections in 30 Minutes GUARANTEED

Experience youthful longer-lasting, fuller and firmer - REPEATED erections over a 3-day period, with an instant boost to your libido that is guaranteed to turbo-charge your sex life.

100% Herbal Ingredients
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STRONG Healthy Erections

VPOWER™ is a "Fast-Acting Herbal SEX Tea"  that is more effective than prescription drugs.
Just ONE dose will give you optimal sexual performance for up to 3 days !

VPOWER™ is a granulated herbal tea that is specially formulated to give you INSTANT PENILE ERECTIONS within 30 - 60 minutes. Consumed by dissolving in water, this natural male enhancer  is a powerful herbal remedy that will boost your libido. It also out performs sexual prescription drugs. VPOWER™ acts immediately to help overcome erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and helps promote your vitality, sexual stamina and endurance.

What is
Herbal Tea ?

VPower Herbal Tea comes in convenient 10g sachets
VPower Hebal Tea works better than prescription drugs


All herbal ingredients
  • Herba epimedii

  • Lycium barbarum

  • Semen cuscutae

  •  Fructus cnidii

  • Frustus jujubae

  • Schisandrae chinensis

  • Radix angelicae

  • Fructus corni

  • Herba cistanches

  • Cortex eucommiae

  • Radix ginseng

  • Impatiens balsamina

  • Cortex mori

  • Radix astragali

  • Fossilia Spiriferis

  • Rhizoma dioscoreae

  • Cortex cinnamomi

  • Flos caryophylli

VPOWER™ contains 18 of the most treasured Chinese sexual enhancing herbs meticulously combined according to a traditional formula.

Superior quality herbs for outstanding effectiveness and performance.

VPOWER™ is based on a 2000-year old traditional Chinese formula that works like magic and is recommended by herbalists and naturopaths as one of the most effective and unique natural male enhancement products.

VPOWER™ contains power-packed herbal ingredients that have been used for centuries in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. What makes VPOWER different is the unique combination of these time-tested herbs using an advanced enzymic polypeptide extraction process.


When consumed as directed,
VPOWER™ Herbal SEX Tea will give you
within 15 - 60 minutes !

Your product is excellent!
One of the best I've seen on the market. I look forward to using it again...
Lots of compliments from the women I am close to!

                                Chris OJ , NC. United States

When I first tried your tea I got hard in about 20 minutes. There wasn't any physical contact when it happened. We were just chatting. The next hour and a half was the best sex I've had for as long as I can remember. I particularly enjoyed that feeling of getting aroused without any foreplay--and of course everything else that followed. Makes me feel young again. Great stuff, thanks!
                                                  Darren C., NY, USA

Thousands of Satisfied Customers Worldwide Since 1999


An Unmatched Herbal Formula For MEN
That Delivers Powerful INSTANT Results

Turbo-Charge your SEX life NOW !
VPOWER™ assures you outstanding results and is backed by a full 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product, we will refund your money, no questions asked.
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VPOWER™  Herbal Tea is a powerful natural sexual stimulant and may give you a sudden rush  of intense desire for sex with repeated spontaneous erections. 
Only use if  sexual activity is intended.


VPOWER™ costs less, works faster & lasts longer than any other natural male enhancer

Experience VPOWER™ Herbal SEX Tea today !

If you are not satisfied with our product, simply return all unopened sachets within 30 days of purchase, and
we will refund your money, no questions asked.

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